With 25+ years of experience in architectural design and project management from a variety of facets, BMG brings unparalleled creativity and expert insight to projects of any size or industry. If you’re in the market for a show-stopping space and unforgettable design, you’ve come to the right place.

BMG lives for design, inspired by nature and its beautiful landscapes. Our mission is to create a totally unique and original journey for our clients. Our vast experience gives us the right tools to optimize every step of the challenges in the design process and the complexities of construction.

BMG was born from the legacy and wisdom of a great design practice, with over two decades of heritage and with more than 130 successfully completed projects, evolving into a more diverse and distinct voice in the design world.

BMG is characterized by the strength of our ideas, our humility, and the commitment of our people. BMG Consulting PSC is a leading professional design and architectural firm. Expert consultants with vast experience in the disciplines of architecture, engineering, art, and design, among others, are actively involved from the initial ideas to the culmination of the projects to guaranty their success.

Each project is always approached with a fresh new perspective, respecting our history and our culture. We embrace our Caribbean heritage, channeling the energy and passion through the use of color.

At BMG we believe art is an integral part of the design process that enhances and elevates the user experience and the overall outcome or our built environment. Our holistic process integrates form, program, aesthetics, sustainability, budget, and schedule, which are all critical to a building’s success.

Our practice model gives us the flexibility to personalize the relations between our clients and our team. We create in-depth relations with our clients to fully understand their dreams and values giving us the correct perspective to catalyze innovation and good design in any new endeavor. Our clients become our friends for life.



Fernando R Bonnin Orozco is the founder and president of BMG Consulting PSC, a leading architectural design firm in Puerto Rico. A licensed architect, designer, photographer and painter, he studied architecture at Southern California Institute of Architecture in Santa Monica, California, and in Vico Morcote, Switzerland.

He worked with some of the leading construction and engineering companies, south of the island, until 1998 when he co-founded Bonnin Orozco Arquitectos (BO2A), an award-winning architectural design firm. During his years there he was in charge of design, operations and project management of most projects.

With over 24 years of onsite supervision experience, Fernando has developed a profound sense for construction coordination/details, and techniques. While at BO2 he was actively involved in educational, institutional and commercial projects, exceeding his client’s expectations. Some of the most important projects include Plaza International, Doctor’s Center Hospital San Fernando de la Carolina, Police Headquarters Building in Ponce, The Maritime Unit for the Police Department, Master Plan and major projects for the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, Ponce Campus, among others.